„Some of them are still alive, others live on in our minds, but we did our maximum for all of them.”

With the head in the clouds

A Breathtaking exhibition from the world of aviation, which makes you dizzy.

Grand Opening Galerie Šantovka

4 day event (incl. VIP evening) with over 150,000 visitors.

The opening of Avion Shopping Park Ostrava

Spring jolly Avion. 5 day event (incl. VIP evening).

FORUM Nova Karolina- Ladies’ night

The novel support event turned out to be something special.

The first Birthday of Galerie Šantovka

3 days long event full of activities for the general public.

Brilliant inventions of Leonardo Da Vinci: AERONAUTICA

The interactive exhibition from the workshop of Leonardo Da Vinci: AERONAUTICA

Dragons & Dragon slayers

The unique fantasy exhibition

Historical prams

The unique educational exhibition

Giants- Avion Shopping Park Ostrava

The wonderful ice age.

The prehistoric giants- Šantovka mall

One month long exhibition full of funny accompanying activities.

Pissoir Art Gallery- FORUM Nová Karolina

The unconventional exhibition of urinals

Avion Shopping Park Ostrava- Night shopping

The first night shopping in Ostrava was successful.

Karolina de Janeiroo

3 day long event full of experiences and a mediterranean atmosphere

FORUM Nová Karolina- Festival against the stress

3 day long event full of amusements and relaxation.

Galerie Šantovka- Ostrov zdraví a sportu

4 day long inspirational sport and health expo full of energy and sport stars.

FORUM Nová Karolina- „We’ll improve Your position”

The successful consumer competition for luxury car Land Rover Freelander.

FORUM Nová Karolina- “Let’s ride together”

The continuation of the consumer competition of the luxury car Land Rover Evoque.

Red Bull Flight Club

The world’s biggest parties in one night.

Caney Ron

Marketing and communication strategy for a Cuban jewel directly from Fidel Castro’s relatives.

CROWNS premium energy drink

Marketing and communication strategy for the luxury nature energy drink.

Kalashnikov vodka

Marketing and communication strategy for the premium Russian known inventor Michail Kalasnikow vodka


Communication strategy for the number 1 Austrian producer of building systems for low-energy houses.