Historical prams

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The unique educational exhibition

The unique educational exhibition “Historical prams” focuses on families with children and the general public. Men will appreciate the technical details and dexterity of the manufacturers, ladies will appreciate the beautiful works of art and children will definitely enjoy the amount of toys on show.

45 historical prams are part of the unique collection of the most interesting exhibits from the period 1860-1979. Prams are divided into 15 categories.

As with all things around us, prams have changed over the course of time. All exhibits come complete with period pictures and information about life-style, habits, toys, fashion and relationships specific to that period of time.

We´ve already shown this exhibition in following shopping centres: Galerie Šantovka Olomouc, OC Šestka Praha, OC Karviná, Obchodné centrum Laugaricio Trenčín.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information. We´re looking forward to cooperation with you.

< 8/22 >