With the head in the clouds

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A Breathtaking exhibition from the world of aviation, which makes you dizzy.

“With the head in the clouds” is a fascinating interactive exhibition from the aviation world, which includes many unique and interesting exhibits.

Interesting planes lead by the legendary fighter plane Mig-21. An interactive pilot school with the 3G trainer and real simulator, pilot´s figures from the 1st world war till current super modern specialists, unique cockpits, plane motors (the most interesting one is the motor from the helicopter, which is connected with the tragic death of Viera Husakova wife of the 8th Czechoslovakian president Gustav Husák). A simulator of immeasurable value, the equipment for ejector seats and the huge plane replicas flying through the gallery - all contributing to a really seductive mix for visitors across all age groups.

This exhibition had its premiere at the beautiful shopping centre Galerie Šantovka in February 2015 in Olomouc. We organised an attractive parade through the streets of this city before the start of the exhibition. This action was very remarkable mainly for the media. Almost all regional periodical newspapers and information portals published articles about it. The exhibition was also interesting for countrywide media and tabloids.

The interactive zone with the 3G trainer and real Mig-21 simulator was bursting at the seams all day. Our pilots were very busy to satisfy all interested people. The great acclaim was resonating through all the city and there were thousands of new customers coming to Galerie Šantovka.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information. We´re looking forward to cooperating with you.

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