Karolina de Janeiroo

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3 day long event full of experiences and a mediterranean atmosphere

The goal for June 2014 was clear. Make up a creative weekend concept. In view of the fact that taking place was the world championship of soccer in Brazil … the choice was clear. The name of event was Karolina de Janeirooo, Friday‘s evening name was Shopping carnival and on weekends the carnival of experiences.

The programme of Shopping carnival: the amazing latin show, performing was Carisma band, dancing group Tradición, a Capoeira exhibition show and drum show Wild Stick. All these were supported by cocktail bars, carnival parades and special night discounts. The main presenter was Leoš Mareš the big soccer fan.

Our agency cooperated with the tenants and prepared a special weekend program to support sales. Customers could get the official means of payment- De Janeiro money. They used this money for their shopping (it shows how high the spending was, so big was the amount of money received). Among the experiences was a sexy car wash, exclusive shopping with the fashion stylists, hair pleasure, wine tasting…

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