FORUM Nova Karolina- Ladies’ night

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The novel support event turned out to be something special.

There is only one main parameter from our client FORUM Nova Karolina - all events have to be absolutely original! This challenge pushed us to be creative in a different way than normal. We were worried that we had gone too far and our ideas were too risky, however the event turned out to be a huge success.

We offered an intoxicating mix of events for our female guests; including ‘DaeMen’ (Power acrobats), underwear fashion show with finalists of the competition Man of the year and members of the bes strip dancing group. To add to the atmosphere we had photo booths where guests could have their photo taken with the evenings’ entertainers while DJ Beach boys’ base-line vibrated throughout the whole hall. Another part of the evening was the beauty centre where stylists, make-up artists, nail designers and hair dressers offered free services and advice to the ladies. Accompanied with a welcome drink and a rose for each lady as a good bye present.

And how did it end? Incredibly. At 20:00 the car park was full. An atmosphere that was electric. Girls were yelling, women whistling and ladies were enthusiastically applauding. When we put the only single picture from this even on Facebook with the short caption: Are you looking forward? We got 600 likes and it was the start point for other passionate debates. The presenter Jaro Slavik noted that this was the best prepared, invented event, he had ever been to.

We prepared with the DFC agency fashion shows with Diana Kobzanova, hairdressing and visage show for the weekends and left the Ladies’ beauty centre in the programme.

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