CROWNS premium energy drink

< 20/22 >

Marketing and communication strategy for the luxury nature energy drink.

Our client CeMaTa Czech Trade s.r.o. (an influential company, which engages in export and import of premium products in the EU and Russia) gave us the task to prepare complex marketing and communication mix for the home and foreign markets for the brand of nature energy drink CROWNS.

It wasn´t an easy task in a congested market. But the best feed back for us was when the biggest players on the market started to compete. Then we knew, we´re on the right track.

  • Corporate identity (including rules for external company communication with customers and clients, internal communication system, managing, reward system... visual style…)
  • Marketing mix (including marketing goals, target groups, SWOT, market research and the strategy and realisation).
  • Communication mix- analysis, setting, realisation.
  • Graphic design- complex creative work, all visuals.
  • Advertising- advertising in press (B2B and B2C), banners, PR campaign on the internet, video production.
  • Public relations- texts and interviews in the media, promotion preparation, press conference, preparation and realisation of promo events.
  • Production, POS materials- complete preparation of POS materials proposals and their production, technical provision of promo events.

< 20/22 >