Brilliant inventions of Leonardo Da Vinci: AERONAUTICA

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The interactive exhibition from the workshop of Leonardo Da Vinci: AERONAUTICA

„The brilliant inventions of Leonardo Da Vinci: AERONAUTICA“ is an amazing interactive exhibition full of fascinating flying machines, which we brought out in March 2015- so it´s fresh novelty.

Leaonardo was fascinated by flying . So he created detailed study of birds flying and than plans for flying machines constructions. He didn´t apply his mind only to flying by wings waving, but also by gliding or using propeller.

The majority of our exhibits comes from the Leonardo´s secret notebook- Atlanticus code, which is mainly about flying research and very timeless constructions.The exhibition is made from 9 big exhibits (Air screw, Hand-glider, Parachute, Experimental wing, Unknown machine, Horizontal flying machine, Flying machine with the board, Vertical flying machine, Study of the wing). All of these are completed by authentic legends. All exhibits, which are on the ground, are fully interactive.

We have also prepared few accompanying activities: The competition for children „The unknown machine“, the creative workshop, Encryption with Master Leonardo, IQ centre of Mastr Leonardo.

We´ve already shown this exhibition at Shopping Centre Šestka in Prague.

If you´re interested in this exhibition do not hesitate to contact us for further information.
We´re looking forward to cooperate with you.

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