FORUM Nová Karolina- Festival against the stress

< 14/22 >

3 day long event full of amusements and relaxation.

Every winter in Ostrava, there is a gloomy atmosphere full of smog and the mood of all Ostrava inhabitants is on the decline. Thats why we and our client FORUM Nová Karolina came up with the idea of the Festival against stress.

We choose the therapy of laughter and music during the Friday shopping night. All incomers had to laugh: unrepeatable music and performing group Ivan Mládek and his BanjoBand, entertainer Zdeněk Izer and presenter Tomáš Matonoha. All these happened on the stage but there was also a zone of relaxation, pleasure and health life style in the shopping centre.

And for weekends we choose therapy of beauty and relaxation. People could see the most beautiful woman on the world Taťána Kuchařová and as the presenter of the fashion show was the other miss Lucie Křížková Váchová. In the relaxing zones were: oxygen bar, salt chamber, thai massage, hair pleasure, Erotic dream, fishes Garra Rufa...all for free of course. Total sum - successful event.

< 14/22 >