Avion Shopping Park Ostrava- Night shopping

< 12/22 >

The first night shopping in Ostrava was successful.

Our client Inter IKEA Česká Republika gave us the task- create the concept for ASP Ostrava , which has never been in that region with then intention to lure thousands of visitors and increase income.

We were not thinking too long before we decided to go for something we were confident would work. The project was … Night Shopping. We prepared four stages with varying music productions which merged with their surroundings. All the usual lights were replaced by coloured ones. The main star of the evening was Dara Rolins with award winning DJ Ingu. We also prepared welcome drinks and offered plenty of discounts for the visitors.

And how was it in the end? Incredibly. At 20:00 a full car park, crowds everywhere, an atmosphere that could be cut, all shops completely full... The goal was reached!

< 12/22 >